I was dared, so i did...

I've been lurking on a fabulous blog called Daring Card Makers. Members of the blog post a weekly dare to the rest of the team and any one else that would like to join in.

The results are so varied that you can not fail to be inspired.

I was officially dared by Kathy today, so I had to oblige... thanks Kathy!

The rules of this dare were to create a card with
: 7 brads or eyelets
: 6 flowers
: 5 letters

As you've probably guessed, I love flowers and my flower punches! I punched loads out to make some toppers, so I raided my saved bag of them. The Dream stamp is by Anna Griffin. The leaf stamp is by Rubber Stamp Tapestry and from the Ginger Hearts Set. i really must save up to buy some more, they are so versatile and useful.

Actually, I discovered it's ok to miss an episode of Neighbours (not that it rules my life, its just one of those treats I allow myself). It has inspired me to give up more `empty' pleasures in favour of more creative and meaningful ones.

Has anyone been watching Five Days on BBC1? My friend David Oyelowo has a brilliant part in it. It's been gripping, and great to see how his talent is being used.


Kathy said...

YAY! Well done you for joining in with one of our little midweek specials - I only did mine today too!

Love all your flowers - you and Lythan must have every flower punch there is between the two of you. I think I need to join in - I didn't even know there were so many shapes you could get!
The new "Big" dare is launched tomorrow at about 10am so looks like no Neighbours for you then either

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

beautiful flowers!!


Keryn Campbell said...

Your card is just beautiful. Flowers are obviously your forte. Thanks for joining in.

Gillian said...

Oh it's so lovely to have you join in.... Because you make such beautiful creations... I love this one,, sooo pretty..

Lythan said...

That is so beautiful - from one flower lover to another (and now I have a craft robo the flower shape cutting world is my lobster, as we say in these parts!)
BTW I have found that if i go to the nieghbours website I can find out what happened in each episode without watching. Sweet.

Susan said...

What pretty cards in such beautiful, soft colours! I love the flowers too. And congratulations on your new baby coming along!

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