Yule tide greetings and all that

Sorry it's been so long folks!

I trust you had a peaceful Christmas and enjoyable New Year. We did.

Will endeavour do do more blogging and creating this year. So do chase me up on it!

For those who don't know, I'm expecting baby no 3 to arrive in June. So am having a rethink about all my business bits and pieces. I think I want to go down the route of stream lining my ebay shop to the products that seem to be popular. Make more kits to sell, and generally make more items for sale such as toppers and paper bag albums. I'd like to make layouts for sale, but they seem to be more popular on ebay.com rather than ebay.co.uk.

So, resolutions I intend to keep....

Eat dinner around the table with the family every evening (this means making sure its clutter and craft free!!!) apart from maybe the odd weekend evening where we want to veg out.

Spend more time with God and His Word.

Pray more regularly for my friends and family - make and USE a Prayer Journal

De-clutter and be more time efficient so I can spend more time creating.

and a resolution I've had a few years ago... be realistic!

Dad and Ethan on Boxing day

Luke and cousin Joshua

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