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... felt I needed to add to my blog... not sure who reads it but hey ho!

I've been doing more topper making... had a bit of a dining room tidy up, I'm determined to get my family eating round the dining room table more often! I have discovered that a cupboard a dear friend gave me, that currently stores my Denby and some cutlery is the perfect height for standing and crafting! I find that I often end up standing and end up stooped over the dining room table, slowly crippling my back! The cupboard is great as it fits my A2 cutting mat, so it's not too big space to get messy and it frees the dining room table so I don't have to stop a project to eat dinner.

Anyway, one of the sets of toppers created on this "new" arrangement are these funky black and white numbers... really enjoyed making them! On sale on ebay right now!

Taught my fourth week of jewellery making with beads and wire, slightly eventful as we had to sit on children's size chairs and work on lower tables! We were using a metal cuff bracelet and wiring into it and using beads too. One lady commented on how she would have liked to have seen an example of what they were going to do. I explained that I wanted everyone to use the techniques they had already learnt, and that I didn't want to just copy mine. She replied that that was not what she meant and that in her years of experience she thought it was better. I graciously took her comments on board but it got me thinking. As a teacher/demonsrator, how much should you give examples for people to see? I really don't like the idea that after seeing something people may feel their work is inferior if it doesn't look like mine? But when do you show examples so people can see roughly what they are working too?

Answers on a postcard please!

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