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... felt I needed to add to my blog... not sure who reads it but hey ho!

I've been doing more topper making... had a bit of a dining room tidy up, I'm determined to get my family eating round the dining room table more often! I have discovered that a cupboard a dear friend gave me, that currently stores my Denby and some cutlery is the perfect height for standing and crafting! I find that I often end up standing and end up stooped over the dining room table, slowly crippling my back! The cupboard is great as it fits my A2 cutting mat, so it's not too big space to get messy and it frees the dining room table so I don't have to stop a project to eat dinner.

Anyway, one of the sets of toppers created on this "new" arrangement are these funky black and white numbers... really enjoyed making them! On sale on ebay right now!

Taught my fourth week of jewellery making with beads and wire, slightly eventful as we had to sit on children's size chairs and work on lower tables! We were using a metal cuff bracelet and wiring into it and using beads too. One lady commented on how she would have liked to have seen an example of what they were going to do. I explained that I wanted everyone to use the techniques they had already learnt, and that I didn't want to just copy mine. She replied that that was not what she meant and that in her years of experience she thought it was better. I graciously took her comments on board but it got me thinking. As a teacher/demonsrator, how much should you give examples for people to see? I really don't like the idea that after seeing something people may feel their work is inferior if it doesn't look like mine? But when do you show examples so people can see roughly what they are working too?

Answers on a postcard please!

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Wedi Gorfen

"Wedi gorfen" - the latest Welsh phrase luke has taught me. It means "finished". Usually announced when he's finished his meal. I am so proud my son is teaching me!

Been making more card toppers to put on ebay. Here are my latest offerings. Mostly using stamped images and raised elements. I am really enjoying using black as a contrast.

Usually I have Radio 2 on in the background in my kitchen, for some reason today I really wanted to listen to something else. Radio 3 was near by so its ended up there ever since, I have to say I've quite enjoyed it. Not all highbrow opera and classical. I think the dial will stay there for now...

Taking the plunge

Well, I've been inspired!

Delaney Gates I thank you! I don't claim to know much about this lady at all, all I can say is that her work is inspirational, and seeing her blog today spurred me on to trying to play with mine a bit more (please have a look at her blog - I wasn't happy with the template so looked for something more suitable and more "me".

I've been creating a bit more, a few toppers here and there and some altered beermat albums. To raise funds for the Welshpool Breastfeeding Support Project I set myself the challenge of making 100 Christmas cards. I have reached 67, slightly cheating with adding unsold Christmas cards that I had in my stash. Happily I have already sold 18!

I'm off to get my DS1 off the Xbox! See you soon! love and God Bless, Ruthx

First ever blog... ahhhhhhgghhhh

Well, I heard last night that you should try and do something that scares you everyday.... so here goes...

Welcome to my blog, not quite sure why Im doing this. I figured that I won't be putting to revealing stuff about myself on here, so it's probably going to be a showcase of pieces of art etc and pictures of my kids for any friends and relatives out there who want to see how they're doing.

If you don't know who I am... I am Ruth, a SAHM of 2 gorgeous and lively boys. Living in Mid Wales with dear hubby Tom, and running a small crafts business from home. We attend a local independent Baptist church and our both committed to our Faith in Jesus. Tom preaches in local churches when asked and I help run a monthly craft evening at our church. Recently I have been trained to be a La Leche League peer support counsellor (a mouth full, I know) and am actively involved in the little group in town.

We had some lovely snow today, and Luke finally got round to building a snowman for him to put a carrot for his nose!

Well, wether you do or don't know me, keep pestering me for updates!
Take care for now, and God Bless You,
Ruth x
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