SALT - Truth

It was my turn to set the theme on Salt this week, here is what I wrote...

TRUTH - such a powerful concept.
So rooted in the character of God, important enough to make it one of the Ten Commandments yet so easily dismissed in day to day life. I've lost count of the times when people have told me they had to tell a 'white' lie, or when I have exagerated or underplayed a fact so save face. Often we try and justify these things but u
ltimately they do offend our Holy God who knows the truth and wa
nts us to be truthful about ourselves and to speak truth.

The meaning of the word truth has been slightly twisted by the way it is used. In a recent sermon I heard the preacher explained that the phrase 'being true to yourself' was often an excuse people give to why the behave in a certain way. Yes we should face the reality of our sinful motivations, and acknowledge when we have failed God, but the truth is we must not excuse it.
The TRUTH is, that God has created a way in which he will remember our sin no more, and that truth can set us free from the bondage of UNTRUTH. Our enemy the devil will so often through untruth at us and ultimately he does this so that our faith will weaken and our winess become useless. How we must keep reading the word of truth to remind us of the wonderful promises of God that he has never broken.

Please enjoy the pieces that myself (Ruth) and the team have created for your inspiration. Please meditate on how the Truth of God is a reality and how we can practice being truthful and speaking truth in love to others. We would love to see any creations you make on this theme, please leave us a comment and we'll pop by!

I made this hanging, it measures 15cm x 15cm.

Used the Tim Holtz flower die to make the flowers, various papers by Melissa Frances, K and Co and Anna Griffin and a sprinkling of Glimmer Mist. I think the butterfly stamps were by All Night Media.

Coming up roses...

Made this last night, and then sold it this morning!

Used a flower from a swap I took part on last year on UKScrappers.

Di Hickman sketch for February

Di Hickman is doing her card sketches again! Yay! This time she's doing the once a month, so no panic if you don't get it done in the first week. It's a lovely adaptable one, great for using this stamped piece that I did a couple of weeks ago, check it out HERE. I've been inspired to do more stamping and colouring, particularly to use lots of stamps in a collage style on a piece of A6 card, then chop it up into smaller bits, then colour, paint and add gel pen afterwards. It's a really fun, creative and non pressured process.

SALT - Loving our Enemies

It was Pauline's turn to set the theme, please have a look HERE for her thoughts. It was a challenging one about what Jesus teaches about dealing with our enemies. I often find that it is when the people closest to you offend, that they are the hardest to forgive. However when I remember what Christ has done for me when I did not deserve it, this makes it easier to remember to love, and to put aside hurts. This verse in Proverbs sums this up perfectly.

The pink polka is some recycled packaging from some lovely mugs I had for Christmas, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away!

Oh so shabby

Made this birthday card for a friend, thought I'd share before I sent it off.

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