First ever blog... ahhhhhhgghhhh

Well, I heard last night that you should try and do something that scares you everyday.... so here goes...

Welcome to my blog, not quite sure why Im doing this. I figured that I won't be putting to revealing stuff about myself on here, so it's probably going to be a showcase of pieces of art etc and pictures of my kids for any friends and relatives out there who want to see how they're doing.

If you don't know who I am... I am Ruth, a SAHM of 2 gorgeous and lively boys. Living in Mid Wales with dear hubby Tom, and running a small crafts business from home. We attend a local independent Baptist church and our both committed to our Faith in Jesus. Tom preaches in local churches when asked and I help run a monthly craft evening at our church. Recently I have been trained to be a La Leche League peer support counsellor (a mouth full, I know) and am actively involved in the little group in town.

We had some lovely snow today, and Luke finally got round to building a snowman for him to put a carrot for his nose!

Well, wether you do or don't know me, keep pestering me for updates!
Take care for now, and God Bless You,
Ruth x
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