Wedi Gorfen

"Wedi gorfen" - the latest Welsh phrase luke has taught me. It means "finished". Usually announced when he's finished his meal. I am so proud my son is teaching me!

Been making more card toppers to put on ebay. Here are my latest offerings. Mostly using stamped images and raised elements. I am really enjoying using black as a contrast.

Usually I have Radio 2 on in the background in my kitchen, for some reason today I really wanted to listen to something else. Radio 3 was near by so its ended up there ever since, I have to say I've quite enjoyed it. Not all highbrow opera and classical. I think the dial will stay there for now...

Taking the plunge

Well, I've been inspired!

Delaney Gates I thank you! I don't claim to know much about this lady at all, all I can say is that her work is inspirational, and seeing her blog today spurred me on to trying to play with mine a bit more (please have a look at her blog - I wasn't happy with the template so looked for something more suitable and more "me".

I've been creating a bit more, a few toppers here and there and some altered beermat albums. To raise funds for the Welshpool Breastfeeding Support Project I set myself the challenge of making 100 Christmas cards. I have reached 67, slightly cheating with adding unsold Christmas cards that I had in my stash. Happily I have already sold 18!

I'm off to get my DS1 off the Xbox! See you soon! love and God Bless, Ruthx

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