SALT - Penitence

This week it was Lythan's turn to set the theme. She choose Penitence. I reflected on what it meant to be sorry for the wrong we do, and how that affects are relationship with God - amazingly He has provided a way to come back to him. Often in my church culture one could be accused of using complicated words that are hard to understand. However, when one finds out more about what these compicated words mean, and the impact of them on our lives your understanding is enriched. One such word is 'justified'. As a child in Sunday School, we were told that an easy way to understand it was to remember 'just-as-if-I-never-sinned'.

Please have a look at the other pieces the girls have created HERE, be inspired to create your own, and let us know what you create.

I'm enjoying doing these mini works of art on these little canvasses. I have to confess I got this done very quickly. I used Versamark inkpads direct onto the canvas. Then stuck the various elements onto it.

SALT - Idols

It was Kim's turn to set the challenge on Salt this week. And as usual, she did a wonderful in depth study. When I first heard her ideas for the theme, I had just listened to a message by John Piper entitled 'Don't waste your life'. I was really struck by the amount of time I end up wasting by not putting God and his desires for my life first. I wanted to create a piece of art to remind me, and these verses seemed to be appropriate.

Please have a look at the other creations HERE, and join in on the challenge!

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