SALT - The Great Comission

I have to confess I have had this photo sitting in my camera since Thursday morning!

What with the Royal Wedding and us deciding to have a garden party and hooking up our projector to the computer in the garage so we could watch the wedding on a duvet sheet suspended from a line hooked on some nails - it's taken me a while to have a moment to type this up, still on aforementioned duvet sheet!

Lythan set the wonderful theme.  It was so apt coming after Easter.

What a wonderful thing it is to be able to share the person of Jesus with people who don't know him.  He is real, he is God, he loves us, he wants a relationship with us, and the amazing thing is that he made it possible by hid death about 2000 years ago!

Please head over to SALT and see the other pieces the girls have created.

Sadly, our team member Kim has waved goodbye as life has taken her onto pastures new.  I will really miss her and her contributions.

SALT - Servant King

Lythan's turn this week!  She choose the theme of Jesus being our Servant and King.

Last night as I was trying to encourage my eldest son to bed because I had this and other things to do, he said... you're just playing on the computer!  I told him I was looking for some inspiration to do with this challenge.  He proceeded to tell me that if I Googled "servant" and "king" I could go to images and get something! Then when I have a picture of a servant and a king I could put "&" in the middle and then "=Jesus". What they teach in schools these days, and what a clever boy! So that's what I've done for this card.  I think it makes quite a modern Easter card!  The verse reads
...the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many.  Mark 10:45

This is a card I made for a friend to give to another friend on the occasion of her daughter's dedication.

Love those sunny days...

We have had a couple of beautifully sunny days here in mid Wales.  So much so we had an impromptu BBQ last night with a few friends.

Thought I'd show you a card I made in the week, used a stamped image I made a while back.

Here is my current ongoing crochet project, I was inspired to show you the progress when I saw Kim's post on eggbird designs evening.  The colours I have chosen are muted and masculine as I intend this to be a little blanket for DS no 3.  I haven't decided if there is going to be a pattern to it or if I'll keep it fairly random.

Baked some savoury muffins this evening, it was an adaptation of  >this< recipe, instead of the sweetcorn, I grated one small carrot, one raw beetroot and half a courgette, and put half a teaspoon of chilli powder and a teaspoon of powdered vegetable stock instead of the paprika and parsley.  They taste yummy!

SALT - Coveting

Now there's an old fashioned word that you don't tend to hear too often.

In our church's children's club, they have been learning about the Ten Commandments.  My husband Tom has been taking it in turns with our Pastor to do the little talk with the children.  Today he will be covering "Do not covet".  We had some discussion last night as to what that actually means.

I have to confess it is not a Commandment I think about that often, and find it difficult to apply to my own life.

Does it mean that you should not desire to possess anything that anyone else has? You shouldn't be greedy? You shouldn't want anything you don't actually need?

As Tom and I were chatting, he said he felt the essence of the Command was teaching us that we shouldn't desire to be somebody we're not.  That by desiring the possessions of others, it is not only their belongings we want, but who they are and the lifestyle they might possibly have.

`As a crafter and someone who loves looking at other people's Blogs for inspiration I can often fall into this trap.  I sometimes think - if only I had that new product that person used, my cards would look just as beautiful as theirs, and then maybe I’ll have as many followers as them and be asked to be on design teams like them...and so on.  Can you see how the desire for a thing turns into wanting to BE someone else.

God requires us just to be us.  To be accountable just for ourselves.  To come to Him just as we are, with all our faults and gifts, imperfections and hopes.  To be made complete by Him, through the work of Jesus.  To the live the life we have been given, to do the tasks he has set and created for us to do, to love the people around us and to share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

So rather than get down and feel ever so guilty about all the times I have coveted, I am going to look to Jesus, to remind myself I have been made perfect by him.  That God has a plan for my life and it's my job to find it and follow it, and with God's help run the race set before me.

Using my scraps...

Got round to tidying my craft space, and as usual I ended up with a pile of bits and pieces I didn't want to throw away, but had no inclination to sort and put away.

I love this random way of working, as sometimes you can end up with some bits and bobs that look great together.

Here are two cards from bits...

Just so happens on the Magnolia/Hanglar challenge blog, it's anything goes this week.
I love looking at this blog, I am always so inspired by the talent of the design team.
They're having a design team call at the moment, look here if you're interested.

I love how this looks so Gothic, and I am really not into Halloween!

SALT - The Cure for Worry

Here is this week's contribution to Salt.  Kim set the theme and you can read all about it and be inspired by the rest of the team here.

I kept it super simple as I had a busy week last week.  I wanted to focus on how the Lord Jesus himself encouraged us not to worry.  In the Beatitudes he says...

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these

I inked a small canvas with the little Versamark cubes, then stuck the establishments on.

This was my DS no 2 turning 6, he had his friends round for a little party - whilst the new love of my life was being installed - a dishwasher!  It was a little hectic at our house for a few hours, however all the children seemed happy, particularly with the chocolate cupcakes I made as his birthday cake.

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