SALT - The Great Comission

I have to confess I have had this photo sitting in my camera since Thursday morning!

What with the Royal Wedding and us deciding to have a garden party and hooking up our projector to the computer in the garage so we could watch the wedding on a duvet sheet suspended from a line hooked on some nails - it's taken me a while to have a moment to type this up, still on aforementioned duvet sheet!

Lythan set the wonderful theme.  It was so apt coming after Easter.

What a wonderful thing it is to be able to share the person of Jesus with people who don't know him.  He is real, he is God, he loves us, he wants a relationship with us, and the amazing thing is that he made it possible by hid death about 2000 years ago!

Please head over to SALT and see the other pieces the girls have created.

Sadly, our team member Kim has waved goodbye as life has taken her onto pastures new.  I will really miss her and her contributions.

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pmk said...

This is a beautiful card Ruth! Glad you had fun with the family on Friday - we had a great time too.

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