Yummmmmmm Litchis

I am really enjoying Lychee season (as I do every year). Ethan has taken to them in a BIG way, I have to hide them from him! I did have to laugh at the way my local grocer spelt them though... Litchis??? I ask you, what do they teach in schools these days? At least they're the bargain price of £1 a pound.

Been topper making last weekend, they're up for sale on ebay RIGHT NOW... click HERE .

Having the dining room table fairly clear and trying to make sure it's clear after a craft session has been good for my New Years Resolution keeping (Just don't ask if I've done the others!)

Finished a comissioned tiara last night, used swarovski crystals and pearls. I enjoyed making it more than I thought I would. I had to use fishing line and almost stitch the shells in, it was impossible to get a wire through them. Hope the bride likes it! Of course, when I'd finished it Ethan showed his appreciation by wanting to wear it, I couldn't resist grabbing the camera!

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Hi! thank you for your comment on my blog, I like your cards!!


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