The wonderful world of blogs and friends and goodthings...

Our sweet friend Nigel popped over to say hi tonight, and told us his family had got into blogging in a serious way. I have just whiled away a good few minutes reading his, Beth's and the kids blogs. Fantastic stuff!

It's inspired me to write more on this one. Particularly about current things that I know I'll forget, like words that Ethan is saying, or latest jokes Luke has made up.

So... here goes, Ethan's current words are...

whaaaat? (said very often)
dook (luke)
nen (again)
cat ( said with a funny CH sound at the end...very good for Welsh pronounciation)
horCH (horse)
see (usully when we have the camera out, he likes to see the picures we've taken)
ner - which is usually accompanied by pointing which means "That thing over there"
oc (chocolate)
oc (again! this time it means sock)
yess (yes)
fineesh (finished)
o oh (tellytubbies style means broken/spilt etc)
tawl (towel)
bach (bath)
choo choo (train)
jooce (juice)

Those are all I can think of for now.

Luke has a lovely sense of cheeky humour. He likes calling his friends funny names when he says good bye... So at the top of his voice he'll shout bye bye chocolate giant silly, or bye bye power ranger. He also takes great pains to assure me that any "guns" he makes or draws are "only toy guns mummy, they're not real". He's really taken on board my dislike for the objects!

Things I really have to do this week.

Sort out the record of Volunteer hours done for B'feeding support group (I'm writing this here so I'll feel guilty if I haven't done them!)
Make 2 brooches for an order

Some priceless recent pics

Luke pulling one of his funny faces
Tom and Ethan mid tickling session


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, I really loved seeing phots of the kids. I'm also really impressed you get time to do arty things. Take care!

K said...

Hi! Hope you mind me popping in. Found you through Beth! Just wanted to say that your work is gorgeous. I also sell on ebay (paintings/collage/altered art). I have my eye on a few of your things!

K said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I love hearing the funny names other little cherubs call their friends!!! Our 5yr old boy's favourite goodbye is "seeyou soon you big baboon!" (said in a LOVING way of course L.O.L!)

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