More tidying... but need to craft!

Had a bit more of a tidying frenzy today. The floor area around the computer desk is actuall clean in the first time for a long time!!!

I am determined to do some crafting, need to do some cards tonight as a lady from Valley Arts and Crafts network is coming round to pick some up tomorrow. They have a unit at Lake Vyrnwy selling items from the members.

Also...Esther's blog has beaten me in the amount of traffic she gets to hers! We can't have that, after all she is my younger sister!!! I'm loving the work that is coming from her craft table at the moment, keep it up Essie!

I've been window shopping on the Cox and Cox website.

Found this adorable cookie cutter...

... and these unusual stamps.

Right, I'm off to start planning my next batch of cards.

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Esther said...

Ohh what an honour! I look up to Ruth, not only cos she is my big sister, but I love being inspired by her work and ideas, and think Why didnt I think of that? So honoured and touched that you like my work also Ruth. Have you seen those sugar cubes that cox and cox do? i dont know if it is still on their site? They have red hearts in the centre... cute ha!

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