Doesn't it feel good when... tidy a clutter spot in your home.

I have to confess for those who don't know me, I am not the world's tidiest person. It is something I struggle with, but since turning 30 it is something I am determined to conquer. I have even signed up to daily emails from "The Organiser Lady". They send tips and motivational thoughts to get you going and to keep going.

One of my favourite quotes is this:

Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

Anyway, in our home we keep coats, shoes and other accoutrements under the stairs. The invertible had happened. The space had become a shambles, a complete mixture of coats not really worn, current shoes, summer shoes, shoes that were well past their best, shoes that were too big for Luke that I was saving for Ethan and slippers that are saved for members of my family for when they come to visit.

So, I tackled the area with gusto today, removing nearly every item to the front room for sorting. The area is now freshly sorted minus two bags of items to be washed or go to the charity shop or recycled. Boy it feels good to have a freshly hoovered hall with a tidy understair area. Is it just me to take pleasure in such a mundane thing? I am now timing how long it will stay that way!

Was feeling tired today, so I spent most of the morning watching the extras on the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe DVD, recently acquired from that fabulous aucton site! I wasn't being completely bone idle as I have finished one of the two brooches that have been on order for far too long! (I was awaiting delivery of some crystals, and partly procrastination were to blame).

Ethan also had a productive day creating two amazing block structures. The first was more like an art installation, encorporating plastic food items and bricks. The second was a feat of engineering, scaling heights he had never before reached. Of course these two momentus events had to be caught on camera!

Had a pleasant Sunday afternoon at our friends Gill and Alan's house. I had taken some crafty bits as there was a young teenage girl also present who I thought would enjoy doing some card making. Here is one of my efforts...

Note to self: make other brooch, and tackle latest DCM dare!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Congrats on your organisation!!!...I love the feeling you get when I tidy & sort, oh there's a thought maybe I should do it more often... LOL!!
Your brooche is amazing Ruth.. Stunning infact... and you have such a cute little fella.. he's gorgeous face makes me smile.. :o)

A figleaf of your imagination said...

I'm trying to tackle my room, especially after mislaying some important documents, so I know how you feel! That DCM thing sounds like a good idea, it's good to have something to keep you motivated in being creative.

And don't you just hate it when the invertible happens ;)

Check ya later

paper-and-string said...

have just discovered your blog via a comment left on my blog! your flower pic on the left hand side is gorgeous, as is the brooch you made, very pretty!
thanks for the lovely comments about my felt critters!
best wishes xx

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