Ice, snotty noses and Oscars

Well, we had a mixed weekend, had a lovely time with our friend and at High School Musical on Ice.
However on the way there on Friday evening Luke had a very high temp and then Jadon came down with it on Saturday night. We're back home, but Tom and I and our friend have now come down with the cough, hgh temp and snotty nose!

Anyway, here is a pic of HSM on Ice to prove we did go!

We went on to the roof of the flat where our friend lives and I handed the camera to Ethan to snap away, I love doing that because the results are often so delightful and suprising. Like this one, he managed to catch the rainbow!

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esther said...

where do the oscars come in? Glad you had a faby time- sorry to hear the family is unwell, sounds like your nephew has something similar! Ah their's our budding little photographer, another grea photo from ethan!

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