Sorting frenzy!

While the whim is taking me, I'm taking advantage of it!

Been doing a long overdue sort through of craft stuff, and I've just scratched the surface!!! I am a self confessed horder and need to sort it out!

Off course I had to make my sorting look pretty. So I got round to using my Kilner jars for what I intended them for. I have picked up quite a number of them from jumble sales and wanted to use them for storing titbits.

So here is a tidy area...

and here is my dining table!!!

As you can see, not quite there yet!

How do you organise your craft stuff? By items, colours, themes? Any tips would be most valued.


Anonymous said...

We use clear plastic "shoeboxes" to organize all our crafty things. I label the contents of each on a clear label with a sharpy marker just in case I can't make out everything that's inside. Doing this has actually inspired us to use our supplies more since we can actually find what we are looking for now.
Your table cloth is so cute. Think of the time when all is put away and you can enjoy it's beauty, and have more space to do those crafty things!

JennyLouise said...

Wow ruth, a real improvement on the shelves! Ok, so there is a little way to go with the dining room table, but you can only take one step at a time! Keep going...its looking fab. jx

Esther said...

The colours are a good start. I thing for those like ourselves who can be tight for space (and bound to buy more! Shhh), sorting by things is more useful, colours can be a bit of a fantasy... Well papers and ribbons, ok, but other tip bits, I sort by item, (like all ink pads, or stationary stuff)shoeboxes are useful, would love to revamp my storage, as all the cardboard is falling apart, but use what you have and try and put things in boxes and find them a home! Make sure there is extra space in the box incase you do buy more of that kind. Happy Revamping, it does feel good when it is done and gives you the incentive to keep it tidy!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Love the jars & the bottom photo looks rather like my spare bed!!

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