DCM photo finish challenge

Made this on Sunday, and have finally blogged it! Have been frantically sorting out boxes I've not looked at for months/years and rearranging bedrooms, as we are now the proud owners of bunkbeds!

My craft stuff is slowly being ordered, have yet to tackle the 12x12 paper!
Now, here's a question, do you sort into order of colour, manufacturer, theme?

I've sorted my little pieces of card into colour order and it is fab! So easy when making a card to find what I need!

Anyway, here is the card, hope the couple who's anniversary it was last month, and who I'll be sending it to doesn't check this blog soon!

Ingredients: Stamps by HTP and Rhonna Farrer, organza ribbon rescued from some packaging and some crystals.


Paula said...

Gorgeous card, Ruth.
I cut most of my 12x12 to 8.5x11, but it is all stored in colour or type. Some is papermania & the bazzill is kept seperate.
My paper is all over the place..lol!

Kathy said...

Lovely idea for an anniversary card, Ruth

I'm no help re pstoring paper - I try to keep sets of papers together though - usually in the big 12x12 "zippy" bags, I keep small peieces and scraps of them in smaller zippy bags in with the big sheets so I can make sure I don't cut into a full sheet unnecessarily.

All the odd sheets of paper are just a mess though!

esther said...

Love the simplicity yet striking effect of this card! Great Job!

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