Salt - The real meaning of Easter

It was my sister Esther's turn to se the theme this week.

She wanted us to explore the 'real' meaning of the Easter season.

There are lots of pretty Easter decorations in the shops at this time of year. I feel a bit left out as I love decorating the house for special occasions, but have never been inclined to go with the fluffy rabbits and chicks too much as I don't feel it is a true reflection of the way I celebrate Easter. So I thought I'd make some bunting (youknow how I love it!) that was spring like yet was more my style.

As we live in Wales and Luke goes to a bilingual school I get to hear the Welsh variation on celebrations.

I didn't have time to do 'Pasg Hapus', was busy last night with school 'Easter' fundraiser (lots of chocolate eggs), so I've done 'Pasg' (Easter) and have written quotations of Jesus, from the days leading up to his death.

Anyway, here it is...

Bunting cut on Craft Robo
Flowers - Prima, Blooms to Go.
Punch - McGill
Swirls - Quickutz
Pen - Sakura Souffle


Lythan said...

bunting cut on craft robo - what a neat idea! I wish I could work out how to do stuff like that. I just love your bunting - with the large letters and the quotations. I'm sure it will add an extra dimension to your Easter decorations at home. And Welsh too - brilliant!

Hazel said...

What a lovely idea to make bunting - and so expertly done on the robo - and the quotations are just right - what a great response to Esther's challenge x

Pauline said...

Gorgeous bunting, I'm very impressed at the robo skills.

Kim said...

Fantastic piece! I love the colors and embellishments and the addition of your handwriting on each piece! Wonderful!

esther said...

a great multi purpose project! Love the combination of your interests, into a great piece of work!

Anonymous said...

lovely ruth :) really like the bunting!
Hug, jx

Linda said...

What a fantastic banner and a lovely way to decorate the house at Easter.

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