Easter thoughts...

Poised on the brink of Easter day, I'm just taking a moment to reflect.

I've had a busy few weeks with the end of the school term and now the holidays. Sadly I've been neglecting my daily time with God's word, although I seem to be turning to him in prayer throughout the day. Prayers have been answered and needs have been met for which I am grateful.

Time spent with friends and church family has been precious.

Although I am not a huge follower of the calander of events set out by the established church, it is good to reflect on certain events that are so important to me as a Christian. Easter for me is much more of a celebration than Christmas.

The death of Christ although unjust, tragic and horrific is at the same time life giving and destination of God's plan to rescue man, for which I am most grateful. Without the death of Christ I could not live in the freedom of life that I have today. A freedom to do right and to bring Glory to my maker in whom I live and will live forever.

So, although I'll enjoy the crumbs from my children's Easter eggs tomorrow (maybe some big chunks will fall my way too) I'll be trying to reflect and certainly rejoice in what Jesus did on that cross all those years ago.

May your Easter be filled with the knowledge of the Peace Jesus brings.

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