Hello there, it's my (Ruth) turn this week.

When I was setting the theme a few weeks ago I was realising how little patience I can have with those nearest to me. It is frustrating that in some areas of my life I can be very `on top' of things, yet in others seem to lack SELF CONTROL. This is serious, as one of the fruits of the spirit - the outworking of LOVE - is SELF CONTROL.

So as I have been meditating on this theme I've been thinking about what helps me control my reactions when under preassure, my tongue and my body. Ultimately a closer walk with the Lord and a life led by LOVE and HOPE in Christ will help me be more SELF CONTROLLED.
As always I am humbled that I alone can not achieve this. It is only because of what Jesus did for me on the cross and the righteousness HE gives that enables me to even start on the road of renewal.

Thank you for reading, please enjoy the contributions of the rest of the SALT team, and lookout for information about become a Salt team member after the pictures.


`The key to Self Control is Love'


Hazel said...

What a beautiful contribution this is, Ruth - thank you for a thought provoking challenge to start the new year. x

Kim said...

Ruth, this is beautiful and what a perfect opportunity to hang your frame on a wall as a reminder!

This was such a wonderful topic and one I have thought about for days...pondering my own inadequacies in this area. May God be pleased to further work in our lives through these studies!

Esther said...

really impressed with your box frame, really visual and creative, and a great reminder to have in your house and your life

Lythan said...

this is such a beautiful piece of work Ruth, I hope that seeing the words will help you to manage this area of your life!

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