New Year's Day thoughts

I have to confess I do make resolutions...

Not always on New Year's Day itself, sometime throughout January. Or throughout the year. Whenever I am challenged about the way I think or behave, a new resolution is created.

I guess that is what the Bible calls Sanctification. The constant renewal to be like Jesus. Not that we can ever be on our own merit.

I do however have a few new resolutions that have popped up over the holiday season, and even a new one today. Some are ok to share, and some are too personal to mention, and one is left over from last year!

I'll share what I can...

  • Learn to Drive
  • Love my children more and be more self-controlled in the way I deal with their behaviour (esp when it annoys me).
  • Only make, show and sell beautiful crafts - I feel I have to explain this... Sometimes I have put images on my blog of things I have made that I have not totally been happy with. I aim to keep striving till I am satisfied with a piece before revealing it.
  • Sell more of the things I make.
  • Keep striving to be a better organised homemaker.
  • Be more hospitable.
  • Use computer time more productively so I can cut down computer time! ie stop window shopping for stash I don't need!
  • Write on my calendar things that need to get done on certain dates and use my phone to remind me.

Anyway, don't want to bore you, so here is a card...

Sorry, one last thing, I have been thinking, in the past I have put list of materials I have used on a card, they take a little time to do, and I don't know if they're worth doing. Do you like reading what products have been used?


camcraft said...

Oh I so love this card. The colours are beautiful. Very stylish and very elegant.
Carole x

Hazel said...

A delightful card, Ruth. Regarding the 'ingredients' used when posting a message, I must admit that I do like to read these. x

Pauline said...

I enjoy reading your resolutions. I hardly ever read the ingredients. Your cards are great. from now on I will on make cards that I like using what I have.
God bless you x

Carolina said...

Beautiful card!

I think that to your list of resolutions you should add, Not to be so hard on ones self and apply the same love and understanding to yourself, that you give to others :)

xxx Happy New Year!

Shona Cole said...

I enjoyed reading your resolutions. I hear you on #2 &3 especially :) I ope you have a lovely and creative 2009.


Esther said...

Yes think I like lists of ingrediens, helps me to find products more easily if I see them on cars- although I am terrible and tend not to do it myself! Nice card, new style?

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