Been tagged!

Thanks plummy!

What I was doing 10 years ago:

Working 2 days a week for Hayley J (Bridal wear designer) and doing voluntary work in Welshpool with young people.

On my to-do list today:

Hoover, phone someone about wedding decorations, start making wedding decorations, start work on Salt challenge.

Snacks I enjoy:

Don't get me started! OK then... just a few

Burnt Sugar fudge (only there's will do!)
Pork Scratchings (sorry plummy!)
Homemade oat biscuits
Tyrells or Kettle chips
Lemon puff biscuits

Things I would do if I was a Billionaire:

Visit my family in the US, Mexico, Malaysia and Australia.
Give loads of it away to various charities I know of.
Set up a business/charity/trustfund so the money can make more!

Three of my bad habits:

Not being able to prioritise - especially God time
Talk to much

Five places I have lived:

Ogbulu in Nigeria
Crouch End (London)
Weston Rhyn
Welshpool and still here!

Five jobs I have had:

Saturday girl in a hairdressers
Support worker
Shop Assistant in a tourist attraction
Self employed crafter and seller of crafty type stuff
and coz I've got to keep up with the alliteration... Seller of Wedding dresses!

And finally…five people who write interesting blogs that I’d like to tag (in no order of preference):



Anonymous said...

Hello I have been popping over and back and enjoying your blog a lot but never seem to be logged on to comment sorry~~~~~~~I'll enjoy doing the tag soon.

And yes we are moving house but I'll post about it soon when everything is signed and sorted. We ain't going that far. Bethxx

Hazel said...

Thanks for the tag - will do it tomorrow (I've done one like this before so I might be repeating myself a bit, although I might not be able to remember what I put last time round - lol!)

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