Last week Salt was three years old. Praise God for the way he has blessed and sustained our Salt team. We've known answers to prayer in times of need and various sorrows and joys. We pray that we will continue to be Salt and Light and that you will be blessed and challenged with the artwork the Lord allows us to create.

Although the word 'Trinity' does not occur in the Bible, it is never the less an important word to those who believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the way they are revealed in the Scriptures.
Their inter-relationship is unique and to fully understand is impossible. However when we read about the way they interact, work together and yet are one we get a glimpse of just how amazing God is.

As a Christian there are times where I relate to the different persons of God, and yet I know they are all one. The Trinity is a witness that the shared love of God stretches back to eternity past. What a privilege that we can be brought into that family. It also reminds us that God has been a communicating God because of the fellowship shown between Father, Son and Spirit.
Please contemplate your relationship with God and his uniqueness, how do you relate to the different persons of God? Remember to let us know if you create any artwork so we can come and see! Please have a look at the other pieces the Salt team have created HERE

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