Time flies!

Wow, the weeks are passing by so quickly. My daughter is a month old today! Here are a couple of pictures taken 2 weeks ago.

I snatched a moment to stitch this quick creation a friend's baby. It was so easy to do. I cut out 2 different size heart shapes and hand stitched the smaller ones to one side of a larger one. Embelished them with some ribbon and a button, then sewed the 2 larger ones together on my machine remembering to stuff them and stitch some ricrac so they could be tied together. It made me so happy to look at it, so shabby and girly!

Just had to take a quick, more recent picture... so here is one taken a few minutes ago. She's wearing a cardigan knitted by her Poh-poh (my mum) and a covered with a blanket made by a friend.


annmarie said...

Love the blanket (baby doesn't look too bad, either ....) ;-) :-) :-} A special moment for mum, especially as it looks like she's asleep so mum could look at leisure ... are the rest of the family enjoying her company? Hope you're getting enough rest.

Hazel said...

Beautiful pictures - and love the sewing (glad you found time to do it) x

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