It was my turn to set the theme on SALT this week.

Here is my card, and the blurb is below. Do check out the work the other girls have done HERE

Paper - Basic Grey
Flowers - Prima and others
Punches - The Punch Bunch, Xcut
Others - Pebeo Metal Touch, lace and ribbon from stash.

Like so many words that Christians use, it holds a different meaning when you become a child of God. Often when I hear it used it may mean to be puposeful - to know where you are heading and aim for it, sometimes regardless of consequence. It is seen as a 'good' thing to have a 'dream' and persue it. Or it could be taken to mean that you have a purpose, your existance is meaningful. These interpretations are not in themselves wrong, but sometimes through our self driven motivations they can become tainted.

When someone becomes a believer in Jesus and what his life and death signifies on a deep personal and spiritual level, their PURPOSE changes. Our motivation becomes to live each day for the GLORY of God. To honour HIM in the way we live our lives. How does this happen? When a heart is changed by the Holy Spirit, we realise that often what we live for on a day to day level is how the writer of Ecclesiastes puts it - MEANINGLESS. BUT through the death of Christ our lives can have deep MEANING, FULLFILMENT and PURPOSE.

Recently a friend of mine has undergone serious heart surgery, many prayers have been lifted up for him, and so far the surgery seems to be successful. He has lived a varied life, striving to fulfill the purposes of God, and inspite of fearing the worst he was able to trust God for everything. It has been good to be reminded that we are mortals and one day will die for sure, however our eternal destination is based on wether our PURPOSE has changed in this life or not.
How does your faith make you think differently about your PURPOSE?


MonaS! said...

stunning work! I love the thoughts you put together - how true!

Hazel said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful challenge - and your beautiful crafting x

Julie Masse said...

Gorgeous project - love all the elements! It was a wonderful challenge - thank you!

Kim said...

Beautiful card Ruth, I love the way you used the scripture text on the front of the card! And great subject...I told my husband that after writing my post I was convicted about a few that is the blessing of pondering Scripture! ;-)

Laura - Layers of Color said...


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