CBC Challenge 14

Made this to put some pressies in.

It was such good fun, all I used was an old catalogue and a stapler.

I have a good mind to film myself doing it so you can have a go too!

It's quite a sturdy little bag, obviously wouldn't be great outdoors in the rain, but useful at home for bits and bobs.

It also fitted in with the CBC challenge no 14


- You can make it from scratch
- Just make a header and use a cello
- or decorate an existing one

The boy's had been given a gingerbread house kit from their grandparents, they had great fun sticking the sweets on. How they resisted eating the sweets I'll never know!

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Gosh - they were so good not to eat those sweets. I love your bag - what a super idea. x

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