Pete and teeth!

On Saturday we went to the birthday party of a friend of ours. He came up from London with some friends to stay at his parents house, they camped! Lovely evening of food, fireworks and fancy dress... I cooked a huge piece of pork for about 16 hrs in my oven, and made a veg stew a la Nigella Lawson, hummus, kidney bean dip, guacamole, pinenut and pesto pasta, greek salad and apple sauce... V tasty!

The birthday boy Pete dressed as a duck, including huge webbed feet, and his brother came as traffic lights. His friends from London came as....... Pete! was very funny, the original Pete i the one in red at the front.

Another momentus occassion... Lukes first tooth has come out! The offending culprit was a piece of french bread! We had no idea it was wobbly until it came out. There a couple of teeth already out behind the front teeth, so may need a trip to the dentist at somepoint.

And this pic of Ethan was too cute not to share!


esther said...

aww 1st tooth how exciting, will have to dip in to your pocket then - aka tooth fairy stash! And look at those deep brown eyes and dimpley cheek! who can resist! Looks like great fun at the party!

Hazel said...

So everyone had great fun - and awwwww at the first tooth out - and such a cute photo of Ethan.

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