Tsumami Kanzashi

I love discovering new crafts.

Heres an old craft, but new to me. Used to create beautiful hairpieces for Geisha, this is the art of silk flower making. If you search for Tsumami Kanzashi on Google, you will find numerous tutorials on other folks blogs.

As with all ancient crafts people have updated them for today's use. The use of stitching and glue guns instead of the traditional rice glue can be less fiddly and time consuming. Also fabrics other than silk can be used.

Here I have used a fab polka dot cotton. I looking forward to experimenting with all my scraps of fabric that I have hoarded away. So watch this space for more creations.

I took these photos before I spread the petals out more to make them more rounded.


Esther said...

ooo fab! love the polda dot one

Carolina said...

Hey Ruthy, I love these flowers, their lovely!

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